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Online Payments

Make payments directly on your family account.


At Cornwall Dental Clinic, we expect all payments to be made on the date of service.  However, sometimes there are balances that incur after when dealing with insurance companies.  If we send you an invoice, our online payment service may be a great convenience for you.

Online payments are suitable for patients who:

Incur balances from previous unpaid insurance claims 

Paying co-pays for dependents (pre-arranged with Cornwall Dental Clinic) 

Non-patients or family members paying for treatment (pre-arranged with Cornwall Dental Clinic)

Finance charges (no-show or cancellation fees)

Online payments are not suitable for patients who:

Do not have 100% insurance coverage.  If we require a co-pay, it is due on the date of service

Do not have any insurance coverage (please pay in full after your appointment)

How much do I owe?

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